The recurring dream

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I remember speaking to Charmaine Mifsud some two years ago before her first marathon, and she told me that she is dreaming about it in the night, she is visualising herself running it during the day, and she is talking about it to everyone willing to listen to her.

Since then, the marathon did not lose its magic for Charmaine, and from a dream it is now transforming to her annual main event – the Christmas of her adulthood.

This year, after going the whole route of 42 kilometres in a personal record time, while settling down at home, taking it all in, she realised something even more: her real time of 3:36:12 was not only a big personal best but the 3rd best Maltese female time of the day.


Charmaine, I understand that the first marathon is always special.  However you just completed your third win and registered your best time by far.  How do your feelings of this marathon compare with your first one?

Every marathon has its own story and its own satisfaction.  Your first one is the most special as you test your body to different  level and you won’t know how your body would react for such distances…This year I was aiming for really good time compared to last year….I had already passed through this so I had my own expectations. I believed I could do better and when I actually did I was thrilled.


What was different in your preparation for this one to the other two?

This year there was a change in my preparation as I focused more on the psychological aspect by controlling more the power of the mind. I also included more core training and changed my eating habits.  Running is not just about running and all in all these factors combined for a fruitful cocktail.


How did the last two or three kilometres feel when you were going to the finish with a personal best pretty much in the bag?

Well to tell you the truth, during all this year’s races, I wasn’t aware of the real time of my race.

I was focusing 100% on my pace and didn’t even put the time of the race on my watch.  I knew I was going to make a personal best but I only realised by how much when l I saw the race timer at the finish line.  It was only when I saw the timer that I realised I had cut down 12 minutes from last year. I felt a big sense of accomplishment.


If there was one thing you could change from what you did, what would it be?

This year I worked like a machine, everything was planned from start to finish, however if there wasn’t as much wind in the beginning I am sure I would have done better.


This has been another victory for Mellieha AC.  How much the club is part of your success?

I can truly say that my love for this sport increased because of the bond we have, both as club members and as for the relationship we have with our professional coach, which is really great.  Running helps me feel free and lost in thoughts and enables me my own quality time.


Also, you ranked as the third Maltese female.  How thrilled were you with the news, and has it sunk in yet?

I was expecting to win a team award and we actually did as we placed 2nd Female team.  However being awarded individually as the 3rd Maltese Female in this long distance event was something I never expected in my life.  Actually I still look at the photos just to live again that magic feeling I lived on the 23rd day of February.

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