Mellieha AC to organise a Gozo training camp

Posted by Mellieha AC 5th September 2014 0 Comment 1090 views


For most of our club’s athletes summer is a time to take a break from our training schedule and open up for a variety of cross-training sessions, such as cycling and swimming to replace running for at least a couple of days every week. It was only in the latter weeks of August that most shifted their focus completely on running and the new season ahead.

The Al Fresco 5km race organised by our club offered a return to road racing.

This is only the start though, as in a week’s time, the club will be welcoming once again the Head Coach, Has Kesra from his base in Netherlands for a summer training camp.

The first part of the training camp will be held in the evenings in Malta, but as from Thursday, a considerable number of Mellieħa AC athletes will be travelling to Gozo to spend till the end of the week to bond together, and train under the supervision of Has Kesra.

Running is not just a sport for most of us at the club. It is a lifestyle. And the same goes for our club.  For most of us it is an extended family.

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