Impressions from Rita Galea, first Maltese lady in the Half Marathon

Posted by Mellieha AC 1st March 2014 0 Comment 2417 views

Rita, you were nowhere to be seen last year.  Did you have a break from running or was it just from racing?

Last year I had to spend time studying since I was doing a University course, and thus I had to put training aside.  However, although I didn’t race, I never stopped running as running is my personal break in the day which I look forward to.   It’s a part of my life. I’m addicted to running!


I understand this is so far your first full season training with Mellieha AC and Has Kesra.  What is the difference from previous training regimes?

Yes, this is my first full season with our Coach Has Kesra.   This training is less demanding than other training regimes and it includes rest days every week.  Furthermore, having the training schedule three weeks beforehand facilitates planning which is more convenient for me due to family and work commitments.  Another important point of our MAC club is the great friendship among us runners,  we have a great club spirit and comradeship.


You were building up quite nicely as you also placed first female at the Fleur-De-Lys 10k back in December.  Were you expecting Sunday’s award or did it take you by surprise?

Winning the Half Marathon was a surprise for me!  I knew I could place as a Maltese athlete but I never expected to place first.  I believe I’m on the right track and planning to dedicate more time to fitness to improve my running!


By how many minutes did you break your previous half marathon personal best?  When was that?

I did my last Half Marathon in 2011 in 1:29 and this year I did it in 1:27 so that’s a personal best by 2 minutes.


In most of your photos during the race you’re smiling.  How confident were you that this is going to be a race to remember?

Well, I realized that I should go for it during the last kilometres.  In my mind I knew that I could overtake the female competitors that were still ahead of me.  As Coach Has always instructs, I held my horses and then in the last kilometres I said “Go for it” and I gave it my all without ever looking back.


Were there different things you did this year compared with others, which you think helped you for such an amazing result?

This year I dedicated more time to training by following the full programme as set by our Coach Has and I communicated regularly with him re my training.  This year I was determined to do my best.  My motto is “Believe and achieve!” which I apply in my personal life and in my running.  Finally, this achievement would not have been possible without our Coach Has Kesra and without all of you MAC runners who add to the pleasure of running … Thank-You all!!


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