Four Mellieha AC Ladies make it on the podium

Posted by Mellieha AC 14th May 2014 0 Comment 1412 views

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After the bustle of runners making it for the first time across the finish line at the Mellieħa 10k Race, later on we had another type of bustle: that of Mellieħa AC ladies making it on the podium.  And being a home podium, it could not feel more apt, and make the club happier.

Charmaine Mifsud led the charge, winning the Overall 3rd Female Award.  Liza Schembri duly followed with a First Female Over 35 Award, Lucienne Bonnici made the First Female Over 45 Award hers, while Jenny Mizzi won the Second Female Over 50 Award.

Cometh the start of the race, the podium seemed to have been the last thing on their mind, but then again, going back a few years, running was not the first thing on most of these ladies’ mind either. Consistency alongside dedication, do have the tendency to getting awarded though.

Charmaine returned to this race after an absence of 4 years, sometimes due to organisational duties, others to some lingering annoying injury.  But podium apart, she couldn’t have been happier that this time she opted for going back to what she loves best: running.  In her own words, ‘The atmosphere was so much fun, with music at the start and finish, and seeing so many athletes and friends in our Mellieħa kit.  Every time we passed each other, we just called each other to push more.  The fresh fruit at the end made it feel like summer came early!’

Liza had similar comments to her fellow marathoner Charmaine.  ‘It was hard, as it was windy and the route is hilly.  I realised I was not going to do a personal best from the first few kilometres but the atmosphere was great, music at the start and so many happy faces around.  It is such a nice feeling being part of the Mellieħa AC family.  We have a great coach, and everyone is happy for each other.  We cheer each other on races and our Sunday run is becoming more enjoyable by the week!’

For Lucienne, this was her third time at the Mellieħa 10k Race.  ‘While I am running the first kilometres of the race, I always promise myself to let this one be the last one, but then come the finishing line, and I just totally change my mind.  This year I was very happy that I improved my last year’s timing, and then the award came as a very nice bonus.  It has been really nice running at Mellieħa AC in the past few years.  I made a lot of good friends and I enjoy following the coaching programme.’

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