Finding back a love for running

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If there’s anything Maltese that gets the brunt of newcomers on our island, it’s the roads.  However Amine Zaghrouk found the Maltese roads as a means to go back to his teenage love of running, luckily enough for both through Mellieħa AC.  And on the 23rd day of February, the roads between Mdina and Sliema looked ever so perfect as he covered the whole distance of 21.1 kilometres in 1:27:30.


Amine, you have only been in Malta for two years.  How did you find yourself joining Mellieħa AC, and did it help you further in settling in the island?

I heard about Mellieħa AC on internet. I decided I wanted to join a club and live the club experience again as I did when I used to run ten years ago.  While looking for clubs online, I’ve encountered two, St. Patrick’s and MAC.  I can’t explain why, but deep down I knew Mellieħa AC was the right one and I’m happy about my choice.

I was already quite settled in the island, but joining the club gave me the opportunity to enjoy real Maltese company. And I already made some great friends that make me feel part of MAC family every day.


You have spent your youth in Italy, and have a background in running.  Looking back, what was the main emphasis in your training, was it biomechanics or actual mileage?

I started running when I was around twelve years old, in a club with no structured training, where the main point was racing without giving any importance to the ‘club factor’.  Five years later, a small injury and with no motivation, I gave up running.  After a few years I realized how much I missed running but being busy with university and work, I managed to get back running only for fun, a couple of days a week. Life in Malta ended up being quite easier and I decided to invest my spare time in training and racing again. And I feel very happy.


This season you started slowly, and then built and built.  How did you feel, following the Mellieħa AC programme as set by the Head Coach Has Kesra?

Since I started running with MAC I managed to achieve great results, all thanks to our Head Coach training method, that is tailor-made on each runner so that you can enjoy every single training session (and races). This way running becomes not only a great workout but a pleasure, with this method we can leave behind the good old “No Pain, No Gain.”


I understand that you have even beaten the target time set by your coach in the half marathon, which was already quite ambitious.  What was the execution of your race? Did you manage to get faster in the second half of the race compared to the first?

In the first ten kilometres of the race I fully respected the pace given by our coach.  In the second half I was feeling great and was able to increase my running rhythm. Then, during last 3k I forgot about the pace or the time and just ran to my max just feeling my body.


Finally, what were your emotions at the end?

Completing a race is always exciting. But running the Half Marathon is a greater challenge, therefore greater emotions. I was extremely happy with my own improvements and with the club’s overall results.



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