Andrew Grech writes a new Half Marathon national record

Posted by Mellieha AC 29th March 2014 0 Comment 2048 views



In the morning all those connected with Mellieha AC were sending their best wishes to Andrew Grech who was representing Malta for the first time on the international stage.  Being in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen however was not enough for Andrew.  Like a soldier who has just won a battle, he knew that history books are only re-written when a war is won.


With the last 2.2 kilometres of his last race being covered in 14 minutes, self-doubts might have crippled lesser people, but with his coach Has Kesra on his side, it was assured that the big day will be as far away from those 14 minutes as much as the distance separating Scandinavia from the Mediterranean shore of Sliema.


By the end of the 21.1 kilometres there was no talk about any particular kilometre, as Andrew completed consistently the whole distance is 1 hour 10 minutes 9 seconds, registering a Half Marathon national record in the process.


Speaking from Copenhagen, shortly afterwards, Andrew could not hide his joy.  ‘The plan by my coach was to go sub 1:11.  However, with spectators cheering all sides of the road for the whole route, it was easy to get carried away.  The route was mostly flat and the inclines were minimal.  It was in the last 400 metres that I succumbed to my instinct and let truly go, passing 3 athletes on the way to place in the top 100 , 99th to be exact.  Looking back, the 70 minutes were like a dream.’


Mellieha AC is equally happy with this result.  Andrew is a club product who only ever ran in the name of Mellieha AC.  A new page has been written in the annals of the club and its name now also found its way on the international athletics stage.






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