1st Marathon for MACer John

Posted by Mellieha AC 11th February 2015 0 Comment 1483 views

As the Christmas and New Year festivities pass on, many complain of an anti-climax, but for us runners, the weeks that follow soon after are the most important. For someone like our athlete John Rapinett, they were even more so, as the past weeks were ones of long runs, all aimed to pinnacle in his first ever marathon.

As much as the distance of the marathon is long, John’s journey for his first marathon is equally long. John has been running since his secondary school days. He remembers his first race, and tells me it was one of 5 kilometres at Dingli, in a competition between schools, a race in which he finished third.

As much as the marathon is mythical and holds a certain magic in most runner’s mind, it can sometimes feel elusive. John is a fast runner and runs consistently sub 40 minutes 10km races, so maybe also he was more after speed rather than distance. When I asked him, why it took him so long to go for a marathon, he told me that he used to think that training would be too hard, and he wouldn’t have time for it. Joining our club however, made him revise his thinking, and he realised that the programme offered by the Head Coach Has Kesra is flexible and attainable. It was after a one-to-one with the latter last year that they agreed that after so many races, it was now time for the big one.

The biggest challenge he found were understandably the long runs. It was the first time that he ran for longer than two hours, and at times it felt painful. But looking at his Garmin depicting distances that he never completed were equally satisfying. ‘It felt great after reaching my goal’.
John tells me that he is proud that he has finished every race he ever started, and never walked in one. The marathon will be at least twice as long as any race he’s done before, so that is another challenge in itself. ‘My biggest motivation is that I am well prepared and that I have all the support from my club, our Head Coach Has Kesra and my family.’

We wish you all the best, John!

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