From MAC Nursery to the Streets

Posted by Mellieha AC 12th March 2015 0 Comment 1541 views

“I had my stomach in knots.”  That’s how one MAC first-timer described herself at the starting line on 22 February.  Another said, “My build-up started about a week before and even had some sleepless nights.”  21 kilometres were ahead, and they rarely or never covered such a distance in their training.  Their dream was so near but yet so far.  Anxiousness crept in.  But they had belief in their training and coach.

By the end, they were proved right as they all completed the whole distance and obtained the medal, some even before the targeted time.

So many times, we tend to only focus on the destination, but this was a whole journey for all of them.  And it started even before the starting line at Rabat, few metres away from our oldest city of Mdina where they warmed-up.  Joining our Nursery, with a motto of “If You Can Walk You Can Run”, built in them a love for a simple sport and a sense of belief in themselves, be it strong wind, rain, tiredness or self-doubt.

“In the last 2 kilometres, my legs turned on auto-pilot, I was just joyfully knackered” confided one of finishers.

The finishing line was awesome, most having their loved ones waiting for them.  They changed from spectators to protagonists.  Tears of joy were secretly or not so secretly shed.

They used to walk.  Now they run more than they ever used to walk!

Just only not on the day after, as their quads were a bit sore, and were walking a bit funnily!

Some might have laughed at them.  But only for little, as in the same week they were running again, hungry for more, with a medal at home on their mantelpiece.

Well done to all !!



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